How to get started as a product owner?

Accept the challenge & grow!

Where do I start? 

Before I became a product owner, I was a software engineer. After switching from my role as kind of a lead developer to being the product owner I didn't expect much to change. Mostly, I expected to act more as a proxy that clarifies customer requirements and makes them happen. After my first month, I felt...

  • helpless in dealing with stakeholders.
  • as the bottleneck of the team.
  • controlled by others.

Which skills do I need?

The many aspects of product ownership overwhelmed me.

Agile Development, User Experience, Product Roadmap, Stakeholder Management, Leadership and etc.. There is so much to learn and actually I didn't know how to get started as a product owner.

Today the situation is different: My stakeholders and team members trust me.

For this reason, I decided to share my experiences, favorite tools and methods with you. 

Below you can find my four  most valuable blog post to get you started.

1. Foster an agile mindset

8 skills every software engineer needs in a Scrum team

Start valuable discussions!

2. Create Shared Understanding

How to create better understanding for user stories


3. My favorite: User Story Mapping

How to do user story mapping to define a product increment.

4. Involving Stakeholders

Where agile estimation fails: Involving stakeholders to prioritize user stories

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I love to create great software with awesome people. The way we collaborate is as important as writing the software itself. If we do it right, we are able to make great products out of software.

Markus Kühn

Product Owner & Roboticist

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