Breaking Big things into small things

How to build a software product your customers love, with everybody on-board.

Learn About User sTory MAPPING & Product Ownership

Unmet user needs

Successful software products need to provide a real benefit to your users. This requires a holistic view of your product.

Complex software

Technology advances and makes software products more complex. Building the right features requires less code, is faster and the key for a successful software product.

Wrong requirements

Clarifying requirements is day-to-day work for software engineers and product managers. Requirements are important Unfortunately, they don't work for user-centered development as they lack context.

Build your software product, right & fast

"Simplicity - the art of maximizing the amount of work not done - is essential."

Agile Manifesto

 I think you will agree with me when I tell you...

Software bugs exist everywhere!

There is no way to prove that a piece of software is 100% bug-free. Nevertheless, there are things we can do to avoid bugs. 

What is Software Has Bugs about?

Everything in your software that doesn't create a value for your customers in some way is a bug. Why did you build it if nobody uses it? Therefore, Software Has Bugs is about the belief to improve software products even without coding by building the right product.  

What Software Has Bugs is NOT about?

5 Whys, Ishikawa, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration & Static Code Analysis are just some methods to reduce and fix software bugs. Although we use these things in our development as well, Software Has Bugs is not about these rather "technical" methods. There is more that can be done to avoid bugs...  

THE MISSION - How to build a software product right?

It is about building the right product through collaboration with team members and stakeholders. Therefore, User Story Mapping helps to break-down the complexity of your product. This is combined with my hands-on experience as a Product Owner.

How to reduce complexity in software development?

User Story Mapping and Product Ownership


Build the right product

User Story Maps help you to build the right product by visualizing it. They create shared understanding within your team and between stakeholders. 

Learn about User Story Mapping now!


DeFine a Product Strategy

Involving multiple stakeholders, forming a team and delivering real value are just some tasks of a product owner.

Read about my experiences and favorite tools as a product owner.

Do you struggle to break your software product into smaller pieces?

Small increments help you to learn faster and ship your product on-time. The world is moving faster everyday. We need to focus on the right things, to develop the right software faster!

Check out my blog posts about User Story Mapping to define you product or service top to bottom. Further, you can use it to define a release schedule and involve team members and stakeholders. 

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