What I learned from Sadhguru about software development

“Attention is more important than focus”

This was Sadhguru‘s advice on “How to apply focus in our daily life?”. Surprisingly, in his opinion keeping our attention high is more important than being focused. He pointed out that attention will help us to explore the depth and details of humanity. Sounds quite esoterically, right?

What does this mean for software development?

Most of our time at work we try to follow the principle “Stop starting, start finishing” and I am a big advocate of it.

In contrast, Sadhguru’s answer reminded me that agility is about continuous learning.  Therefore, we need to observe the things around us and reflect our work.  Without continuous learning, agile software development isn’t agile at all.

If we solely focus on our goals, we will lose our ability to learn, grow and improve our software.

This is my learning from Sadhguru’s answer.

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