5 books to create a software development mindset

Books are a great source of inspiration for me. For this reason, I want to share with you the five books that were very important for my career. Most of the books are about software engineering but their lessons reach even further. They definitely formed the software development mindset I have today.

1. Cracking the Coding Interview  – Gayle Laakmann McDowell

During my master studies, this book helped me a lot to understand what skills software companies expect from a software developer. On one side, it summarizes the most important aspects of coding interviews. On the other side, it has much more exercises for you to train yourselves for coding interviews. After working with Cracking the Coding Interview for 2 months, I was able to pass my first coding interviews.

2. Clean Code – Robert C. Martin

Probably, one of the most frequently suggested books for software developers. Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin) has provided great examples what makes the difference between good and excellent code. It is a great book to read at once or apply it chapter by chapter in your daily work.

3. The Clean Coder – Robert C. Martin

Compared to Clean Code its follow up The Clean Coder summarizes the essential aspects, behaviors, and methods every real software craftsman should know. After one year, I am still using it regularly to get back on track if I am struggling. The chapters on Saying Yes and Saying No helped me a lot to recognize conflicts about “agreed” timelines.

4. The Phoenix Project – Gene Kim

The Phoenix Project is a game changer. Before reading this book, I mostly focussed on the implementation of features and their technical perfection. In contrast to tight deadlines, this was hard to achieve. The Phoenix Project introduced me to the mindset of DevOps and helped me to reduce unplanned work in my Scrum team. In addition, it is easy to read. All the content is packed in a great epic that makes you feel understood. It mentions many difficult situations you may experience in your daily work.

5. Show your work! – Austin Kleon

Do you think your work is not recognized by your non-software colleagues or your boss? Show your work! is quick start on showing off a little to get recognized. I got it from one of my high school friends. Overall, its quintessence is that showing the way towards the result is as important as presenting the result itself.

These books really help you to boos your technical as well as communication skills. If you are working in a Scrum team these eight skills will help as well.

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