Software development: The mindset

Sofware-has-bugs.com was launched to show software developers, product owners, and startups that the execution of software development is as important as the implementation. It features articles, videos, etc. that provide the right mindset and methods that to ease your daily problems in the following three categories:

  • Efficiency

How to prioritize work and focus on the right tasks.

  • Collaboration

Colleagues, users and stakeholders have different perspectives. Open communication will help to satisfy everybody.

  • Show your work

Good results rely on an even better execution. Hence, you should also show how you reach your results.

In addition, it gives you the heart-balm you need as software development usually isn’t straightforward. (Although outsiders seem to think like this. 😉 )


My Story


Finally I can participate in real software development that works!


This was my main thought when I graduated from university in 2016 and started my first full-time job as a software developer. After many internships, student competitions and a position as a research assistant, my expectations regarding software development were really high.

  • How are they avoiding bugs?
  • What is the magic behind good software?
  • When is software ready to be released?

All in all, I felt like there has to be a secret about how to deliver working software to customers.

Long story short, the reality was not like that. I felt really bad that I could not meet the high expectations of my users and myself.  Writing maintainable and bug-free software seemed unmanageable. At this point, I realized the way we collaborate towards good software is even more important than the implementation. Therefore, I started software-has-bugs.com to share the things that helped me become a better software developer, engineer and product owner.

Are you curious now? Did you experience similar obstacles?

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