Build a Minimum Viable Product with User Story Mapping

Learn User Story Mapping to avoid misunderstood requirements, building wrong features. Define your MVP or product increment with User Story Mapping.

What's an MVP? 

 "The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort." - Eric Ries 

How can User Story Mapping help me to create a minimum viable product?

Story mapping is an effective yet simple technique which helps you to:

  • Validate assumptions to create the right product for your audience.
  • Create a better understanding in your team about your problem or product.
  • Quickly get to your customers defining reasonable product increments.
  • Analyze user stories according to their real value proposition.
  • Silent your stakeholders by deducting a feature roadmap that works.

The User Story Mapping Challenge

In the 14-day User Story Mapping Challenge you will get to know how to build a minimum viable product with user story mapping. The challenge will explain you the basics about user stories, show you how to do story mapping and how to apply it to your project, problem or product. 

Step-by-step lessons

Learn how to create a user story map in seven detailed lessons. Each lesson includes a challenge to solve for your. 

Individual Feedback

Get feedback for your minimum viable product. Share your progress with me to get feedback via Twitter or Email.

Regular Live Sessions

Join the weekly live session to exchange with others and learn more about related methods & tools.

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