From Product Owner to Entrepreneur (1/4)

Slowly but steady

Looking back to 2018, my year was all about entrepreneurship, business modeling, and user experience. Everything started when I attended the Entrepreneur University (a german conference about entrepeneurship, marketing, personal growth, etc.). During two intense days, I heard about social media marketing, split-testing using landing pages, the right mindset, and other topics. Actually, I didn’t even hear about most of these topics before. My mind was blown.

After this, I started to jump into the digital (business) world and share my knowledge with other people. The fact that people can make money with a blog amazed me.

To learn more about the tools & techniques that help entrepreneurs to launch businesses, I signed about for a startup competition at Bosch. The competition included workshops about the value proposition canvas and business model canvas. I used this to improve my skills as a product owner. If you trying to move from a technical product owner role to a more strategic role, I recommend you to learn more about these things!

In the second half of the year, I started to read more books about creating value with your products. Out of these, Lean Startup from Eric Ries and Strategize from Roman Pichler were my favorite reads.

Why embrace entrepeneurship?

You may ask why am I doing all this? My motivation is to work in a fast-paced & flexible environment. Working on a purely digital solution amazes me as it allows a much faster integration of user feedback e.g. into an app.

In my opinion, building something people actually need and to improve it continuously is very rewarding. I love to work together with interesting people and to build a solution that creates value to its users. To follow up on this dream, I applied for the CoFounders Retreat.

Vollgas! The CoFounder Retreat

The CoFoundersRetreat is a 4-week program that combines working on a startup idea in small teams and mentoring sessions to develop your personality. Yoga, meditation & fitness sessions are provided in addition to stay focused during the intense 4 weeks. The program takes place on the wonderful island Bali.

The Arrival

After a 20 hour journey, I arrived at the Pertiwi Bisma 1 Resort. The resort is embedded well into the jungle. The view from the lower pool is amazing as it really feels like you have the jungle on your fingertips.

The kickoff of the program was Monday afternoon. After a delicious & healthy lunch, all participants met the founders of the CoFounders Retreat. We started with a short introduction session by Narcis, Tirsa, Fyo & Tommy. Afterwards, it was our part: Every participant gave a short introduction about themselves to get to know each other. I was amazed. Everybody shared that they want to approach their life differently. Not following the predefined paths society has ready for us.

After the quick start, everybody moved into their rooms to get ready for the first tribe night and speed dating to get to know each other. Because of the long travels, we went to bed early to get ready for the exciting days in front of us. And most importantly, for our first Yoga session at 7:30am.

Credits: Title Image: rawpixel onPixabay

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