Root cause analysis template for software bugs

The 6 step root cause analysis template

The root cause analysis template will guide you through your root cause analysis using the Is / Is Not analysis and 5 Whys method. It helps you to structure your problem-solving sessions for software bugs.  These six chapters will guide you through the process of bug analysis:

1: Bug Description

2: Define the Problem Scope

3: Is / Is Not Analysis

4: 5 Whys Method

5: Root Cause Description

6: Define measures

The steps will help you to create a complete description of your problem and support you to find the actual solution to your problem.

If you are in doubt if this can help you, read the complete blog post with more details about the 6 steps.


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Jacob Enco - June 17, 2019

This framework is excellent and I highly recommend following and studying the link


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